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Welcome to TronAO

Register on TronAO - Play - Chat - Stake - Win - Tron (TRX).

TronAO has a basic chat feed thats allows you to tip your favorite commenters aswell as a collection of R.O.I and game smart contracts on the Tron Blockchain. Each contract and game aims to be fair and payout daily.

Simple Tron TRX Dice Game

Simple Dice

Play Tron Dice Game and Win TRX.

Simple Tron TRX Slot Machine

TRX Slot Machine

Spin and Win TRX with Tron Simple Slot.


Heads or Tails

Heads or Tails

Choose Heads or Tails and Flip the Coin and Win TRX.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is TronAO

TronAO is a collection of R.O.I and Game smart contracts on the Tron network. Each contract aims to be fair and payout daily.

Can I Win Tokens?

Yes, most games will earn you tokens which you can stake for daily dividends.

Can I Get Dividends?

Yes, dividends can be claimed daily. Simply Play - Stake - Earn

Is There A Referral Bonus?

Yes, you get a 10% of all your referral bets.

Do You Want Free Tokens To Stake For Dividends?

Claim Free Tokens now and we'll automatically send you 10 free tokens to stake on TronAO.com for dividends.