Update: 21/08/2022 Site and Contract updates over the next couple weeks


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Dividend Balance

Date Comment More
21-08-2022 Page Load Speeds Helped by Removing Site Events Sidebar
22/09/2020 call divs button
22/09/2020 Fixed TronAO_Main_Beta_1_3 (Fingers Crossed)
  • If Tronlink Seems Laggy Try Changing Nodes To https://api.tronstack.io
  • Divs Should be paying out. (Divs Check On Each Bet)
  • First 50 Dividend Stages Only Last Ten (10) Minutes, Then Each Stage Will Last approx 24 Hours.
  • 100 Tron (TRX) Added To Contract (More To Come)
  • Inbox Page Started
  • Every 100 Bets Site-Wide A Random Site Member Will Win 10% of The Jackpot Fund
21/09/2020 Fixing TronAO_Main_Beta_1_3 Fixing bug fix for dividends. Wagering Is Paused
21/09/2020 Started Changelog Page
20/09/2020 Deployed TronAO_Main_Beta_1_3 Testing bug fix for dividends.
11-09-2020 Free Tokens page is back and located Here