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About Heads or Tails

About Heads or Tails

Heads or Tails is a simple Smart Contract Game Dapp that allows you to choose either Heads (Tron) or Tails (BTC), flip the coin and win Tron TRX.
Heads or Tails is a great way to start earning TAOdice(TAOstake) Tokens that you can stake(freeze) on TronAO.com for Daily Dividends.

Step 1) Choose which number side of the coion you would like to flip, Heads (Tron) or Tails (Bitcoin)
Step 2) Enter the amount of TRX (Tron) you would like to wager.
Step 3) Click the "Flip Coin" button to begin.
Step 4) The TronAO Smart Contract will randomly generate a number and return the result.
Step 5) If the returned coin side is the same as the side you chose then you win 2x your bet and TAOdice(TAOstake) Tokens that are sent to your Tron Wallet on each win.